So I’m finally resuming this series…since it took a while for the subs to be completed… then again it took me a while to resume it since the subs have been out for a while ^^;;  But this show is really funny “Meitantei no Okite” (Conditions for a Great Detective) by the famous author Higashino Keigo (who write mysteries such as Ryusei no Kizuna, Galileo, Shinzanmono, Byakuyako, and more) Well this one takes an approach of the many cliches in mystery novels/shows.  So it’s quite interesting for a mystery novelist to write something like this (he should know the many cliches lol) So it’s a parody of mystery novels and such starring Matsuda Shota as the Great Detective Tenkaichi who is the man that solves the cases for the stereotypical dumbfounded police Okawara (played by Kimura Yuichi) who is accompanied by the typical rookie female detective, Fujii (played by Kashii Yu) (because in typical mystery novels there’s always the cop that main cop character who tries to solve the case, but some young outta nowhere dude figures out what happens before the cops do.. and of course you have your female lead)

Tenkaichi and Okawara know their roles in this series (they are pretty much acting out their typical role, aware that they are part of a TV series/novel… part of a story) but rookie cop Fujii is not so they take her in a room from time to time to explain her roles and steps she has to take in this story she’s made to be in.  It’s funny because they will say stuff like “No we can’t confront the criminal yet! In mysteries such as this one, we have to gather all the suspects together!” or “We are suppose to wait to confront the criminal.. they have to do this and that first before we can!” So I like the indirectness of breaking the forth wall of this show ^^

But what I like more about this is… Shota!!! My first time seeing him play a comedic role! He is too funny in this! He fits the part perfectly and I love his Sherlock Holme-esque outfit with like.. his Nikes lol. (and the high water pants!) So I’m just shocked to see him play such a role (because he’s usually serious or something) I also like Kashii Yu in this too. Like seeing her play this type of character (and seeing her be silly ^^) This episode was suppose to be dedicated to her… she was suppose to solve the case and it’s funny because Tenkaichi said, “Since you’re at the hot springs, you have to go in them!” Fujii, “But why? I need to solve this case!” “But this is what you’re suppose to do in mysteries such as this. When solving a case in the hot springs, you have to at least go in them.” “But you guys said so yourself that this type of episode is aimed for middle-aged housewives…” *looking at her up & down) Okawara: “Well…. if you go in it…you’ll raise the male viewership!” lol.  It’s a nice watch… if you’re a Shota fan and want to see him being silly for once, this is the show to watch definitely (and it’s a nice laugh ^^)